Puzzles and Early Childhood Development

You see, children love games, especially games that are challenging—because that sensation of accomplishment is a huge reward for a job well done. Early childhood is a time where cognitive, social and emotional development occurs. Some children tend to grow and develop faster than others—and some child psychologists wonder if differing rates of development are in part due to the stimulation provided to that child. At Venus Puzzles, we think puzzles are ALWAYS the solution: We know that putting a jigsaw together will build a child’s dexterity and acuity.

So start with the biggest pieces, like our 12-piece XXL puzzles, which you can have printed with your child’s favorite animal, a photo of daddy while he’s away on a military deployment, or some other really special picture. As your child grows, order a puzzle composed of 24 pieces, still perfectly sized for your child’s small hands.

Once your child masters the 24-piece puzzle and is able to put the jigsaw pieces together in record time, he or she can go onto more challenging puzzles such as a 100-piece puzzle. While a puzzle can be a family activity, teach your child responsibility for the result by including your child in deciding which family photograph or illustration to custom print into a Venus Puzzle jigsaw. He or she might have a favorite subject, such as a group of elephants grazing together, a picture of last summer’s beach vacation, a picture of a favorite car… or spaceship that your child drew! You’ll cherish the puzzles you create yourself, memorializing the best times in your life …the times that give meaning to each day and that make us smile.