Bulk orders

We offer the following discounts for bulk orders. 

4+ units: 25%
10+ units: 30%
20+ units: 35%
50+ units: 40%
100+ units: 45%

1. All products must be of the same size (format and number of pieces, and from the same category)
2. Discounts are available only in the period January 10th - November 1st (after this date only subject to availability) 
3. The discount is calculated automatically in the shopping cart checkout
4. Discounts are calculated from the current sale price (red color)
5. Maximum shipping charge for these orders is $40.00

We are absolutely committed to your satisfaction and guarantee that all of our jigsaw puzzles are made from the best materials on the market with great attention to detail. 

For regular orders and other special requirements regarding your volume order like custom box design, we are here to help you create an amazing jigsaw puzzle that will meet your very own demands. 

Please do not hesitate to send your specifications to: [email protected]

Alternatively, for fully customized bulk orders and price lists, please do not hesitate to contact us