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Custom Puzzle 1000 pcs - 1000-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Custom Puzzle 1000 pcs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so to do your photo puzzle justice, why not have 1,000 pieces? High quality printing and precision cutting—plus a very competitive price—have made Puzzle...

Pieces count: 1000 pieces
Size: 19 x 27 in

Custom Puzzle 500 pcs - 500-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Custom Puzzle 500 pcs

Puzzle 500 is the first level of our larger photo jigsaw puzzles. Extremely well cut pieces provide a high quality product at a very competitive price. This is ideal gift for puzzle fans who like to spend...

Pieces count: 500 pieces
Size: 12.5 x 19 in

Custom Puzzle 2000 pcs - 2000-piece, custom, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Custom Puzzle 2000 pcs

You’ll want to carefully choose your photo for this puzzle, because you’ll be spending a lot hours putting it together! Puzzle 2000 is a whopping 27 x 36.5 inches in size and has 2000 pieces. Big in...

Pieces count: 2000 pieces
Size: 27 x 37 in

Square Puzzle 1500 pcs - 1500-piece, square, jigsaw, photo puzzle

Square Puzzle 1500 pcs

Do you have several images you’d like to arrange in a single collage? A square format might best lend itself to a better look for your project. In which case, we can recommend our Puzzle 1500—the only...

Pieces count: 1500 pieces
Size: 26.5 x 27 in

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Custom Photo Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle is the most popular and valuable personalized gift.It is ideal and unique as a gift for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, someone recovering n the hospital, or even for yourself. A photo jigsaw is very popular and unconventional way to mail a puzzled message.

Upload your digital image with your order.It will then be converted into a highest quality custom jigsaw.

Find out more about our beautifully packed jigsaws and the high quality of our photo products.

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzles

The use of jigsaw puzzles in marketing campaigns in order to introduce new products or services is a unique way to catch people's attention. Puzzle card is easy to assemble but definitely impossible to ignore if it appears on your desk as a direct mail shot.

Using advertising photo shots of your product connected with promotional text offers many interesting and novel ways to get your message across effectively. Promotional puzzles are not designed for skilled assemblers. 6 or 15 puzzle pieces can be put together by anyone in a short period. This product (unlike the others) will hardly end in the bin.

Souvenir Jigsaw Puzzles

As a manufacturer, we can supply you with one or more retail photo products based on photographs or artwork that truly reflects your own individual area. Re-sell jigsaw puzzles based on local places, famous views, or interesting locations as well as offer your customers something that they cannot find anywhere else. For a quick quotation, simply fill our enquiry form in thecontacts page.

Are you a photographer, designer or painter? Your artwork can be turned into valuable and custom packed jigsaw puzzle. Unique reproduction gifts of a high quality are not easy to find. Our custom made jigsaw puzzles allow you to offer something different and special.

Puzzle 15 pcs - 40 pack - Puzzle card, invitations, direct mail, promotional item, team building

Puzzle 15 pcs - 40 pack

Do you have a message for someone that you want them to remember? Send it in style with a customer puzzle card! These flat-packed puzzles consist of 15 pieces, set on cardboard backing and shrink wrapped....

Pieces count: 40 x 15 pieces
Size: 4 x 6 in



Puzzle Impact, Strategy and Options: Which Resonate with You?

What do you get out of a puzzle? For many, putting a puzzle together makes you focus on what you’re doing. Some puzzlers tell us that solving a puzzle allows them to reach a calm, serene place; a place where the mind is not focused on any stressors in lif

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