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Puzzle Master Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

A World of Stock Photos Offering awesome inspiring images from a growing list of international photographers. Instant Download and Fine Art Prints available.

J. C. Ayer & Company Makers of custom wooden jigsaw puzzles and exquisite, artistic jigsaw puzzles.

Icon Puzzles Jigsaw puzzle manufacturer of custom made jigsaw puzzles. Cardboard personalized jigsaw puzzles made to order.

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History of Jigsaw Puzzles

History of Jigsaw Puzzles. All of us would have assembled jigsaw puzzles at least once in our life time or at least seen others assemble a jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle is one of the most favorite pas...

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